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Gila River Health Care (GRHC) is poised to be a leader in the health care efforts that affect the wellness of the tribal communities and eligible population we serve. Through growth and change, Gila River Health Care is committed to improving the health care of the populations we serve by focusing on a patient-family centered care model that promotes collaboration between patients, their families, and health care providers.

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Transportion Services

Gila River Medical Transportation on provides transportation services to our two medical campus locations, Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital and Komatke Health Center, in addition to medical offices and hospitals within Arizona.


The Kahv’yoo Spirit Program is an equine-assisted growth and learning adventure program that provides youth with an opportunity to develop healthy coping strategies, resiliency and self-esteem. KAHV’YOO in the Pima Language means “horse.” The program is an experiential process where students participate with horses in ground activities.

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Selecting a Primary Care Physician (PCP)

"Your Guide To Open Access"

Don't wait until you get sick to choose a PCP. Primary Care Physicians see their patients regularly, deliver continuity of care and monitor for symptoms a patient might not notice.

The Patient Centered Medical Home Model (PCMH) is an approach used at GRHC to provide comprehensive primary care in a way that creates a partnership between GRHC patients, physicians, and the families of our patients.


The Life Center & Diabetes Care Center

Diabetes that is well-controlled decreases cardiovascular disease problems, kidney disease, decreased vision, nerve damage and more. Healthy habits can even prevent diabetes from ever happening!

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